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IMG_2600IMG_8955Some years back, 2005 to be more exact, I was blessed to take a workshop facilitated by Danni Rozlynn Stillwell and Yahfah along with an amazing group of women who assisted in our experience. This was one gathering among several.  Some of the women studied with Iyanla Vanzant  at her institute and,  using those skills, was able to create an environment that nurtured love and safety.  We were allowed to be vulnerable a start to learn how to get to the root of issues that persisted in our lives.  There was a common thread amongst us.

We did not fool ourselves into believing that we could solve everything in a weekend.  It was to start an inner dialog, an inner reflection, a woman in the mirror moment.  We slept in bunk beds and walked along the water collecting ephemera to mark the experience. The meals were adequate and tasty.   I started collecting rocks, heart-shaped rocks to be precise.  Danni would always provide a little token of sorts to make a point or mark a transition.

What was said there, in the safety of the surroundings, stayed there.  My heart-shaped rocks have been put out of sight with no dates attached.  This was going to be done once I returned home.  Of course this never happened, but the rocks are still beautiful all the same and they mark the moment if not the exact date.

I always loved, dragonflies because they were beautiful yet menacing when you were able to gaze upon them up close.  Hummingbirds was another favorite because they flit and fluttered around on wings that did not seem to be able to support their rotund bodies and their beauty and grace, I imagined, was envied by other creatures (beautiful voluptuous women, I believe, can relate).  But my love of butterflies grew to such a huge admiration due to the writings of Linwood Wright.

This was presented to us during the workshop and with Danni’s and Linwood’s permission I would like to share it with you.


In the darkness; you struggle. Knowing there must be a better place made just for you.  You feel trapped; you struggle.  The walls are tight against you, holding you.  There has to be light on the outside, it has been promised as one of God’s creatures; you struggle.  Exhaustion is now your enemy.  Failure is whispering in your ear.  Your struggle is now a fight for life.  As you struggle with the last bit of strength, suddenly, most unexpectedly, you hear a crack.  You see the light of the world outside.  You feel the warmth of the sun ever so slightly on your face.  Your strength swells as you feel the emotion of light after the struggle.  Your walls are now falling to the wayside as the sun from a cloudless sky warms all of you, from your Being to your Soul.  Morning dew now shimmers beneath you.  Blades of grass and leaves of trees are the deep, rich green that can only be imagined in fairy tales.  Now is the time to spread your wings and fly.  Your beauty from your struggles shines brightly for the entire world to see.  You feel the joy that you have dreamed of for the entirety of your life.  But this is no fairy tale.  This is the beginning of life for a butterfly.

– Linwood Wright (2005)


I found these authentic African beads from Ghana at a small shop locally (there are many great African bead stores on the web) and wanted to do some simple bracelets to show off their beauty.

The rich history of Ghanaian beads dates back to ancient times when they were first used as the King’s currency for the exchange of slaves, textiles and alcohol. Later on, they became popular in the ancient coming of age rituals for girls. Today, they are valuable as foreign exchange earners, as well as tourist attractions. The modern day woman – both African and non-African, is rediscovering the beauty of these Ghana beads which are today growing in popularity.


The colors of Ghana beads have meaning. For instance, in certain parts of Ghana, white colored beads evoke fertility; blue colored ones are associated with purity; while golden ones are a symbol of wealth. Bodom beads are yellow with a diamond shape design of a darker color such as blue and were traditionally produced to be worn exclusively by African chiefs. Once you know what the colors of your beads symbolize, wearing them becomes a much more personal experience. (This information was gleaned from

Rex’s African Bead Shop in Surprise, AZ, www.RexBeads.com)

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