I was looking for a “free” app to download onto my Kindle Fire so that children would have something to keep them busy for a while.  All of my other apps is more suited for adults or teens.  This is an Android App,  although iPad also has a version.  The developer is “Bejoy Mobile” and I got the Kaleidoscope Drawing Pad (Kindle Table Edition).

After checking it out I fell in love with it.  It is so calming and mesmerizing.  I found myself playing with it for hours.  You can change the background color as well as the brush and when you hit the color pencils it will randomly  change the stroke color as well as size and version of stroke.  After you complete your masterpiece, you can run a video of  it and it will repeat what you just created.  I found myself  staring at the video over and over again because I found it so beautiful.  If you don’t like the last stroke or color you did there’s an eraser so you can erase the last stroke.

What’s especially nice is the share feature.  You can share you painting via EasyPrint, Email, Facebook, Skype, and guess what “WordPress” .  Yes you can have it post to your wordpress blog.  How great is that!

Check out my random creation below.






My bed with the covers over my head blocking out the world and probably reading something on my tablet because it has a light. My cousin would always say that she was going to go and have some “fun”, meaning she was going to take a nap. I thought, “what a wonderful concept”. It stopped me from feeling guilty about taking naps. The thought of having “fun” is very soothing and rejuvenating.

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I found these authentic African beads from Ghana at a small shop locally (there are many great African bead stores on the web) and wanted to do some simple bracelets to show off their beauty.

The rich history of Ghanaian beads dates back to ancient times when they were first used as the King’s currency for the exchange of slaves, textiles and alcohol. Later on, they became popular in the ancient coming of age rituals for girls. Today, they are valuable as foreign exchange earners, as well as tourist attractions. The modern day woman – both African and non-African, is rediscovering the beauty of these Ghana beads which are today growing in popularity.


The colors of Ghana beads have meaning. For instance, in certain parts of Ghana, white colored beads evoke fertility; blue colored ones are associated with purity; while golden ones are a symbol of wealth. Bodom beads are yellow with a diamond shape design of a darker color such as blue and were traditionally produced to be worn exclusively by African chiefs. Once you know what the colors of your beads symbolize, wearing them becomes a much more personal experience. (This information was gleaned from

Rex’s African Bead Shop in Surprise, AZ, www.RexBeads.com)

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The books that bite and sting

Darkest Child: A Novel by Delores Phillips. I wanted to stop reading this book because it literally made my stomach hurt. I wanted something really, really terrible to happen to the character's nemesis. Because I consider myself such a spiritual person, it ached my soul to want that for an individual. I was gritting my teeth and vowing to never read such a story again, if I can help it. Getting to the end of the story did not relieve my pain.

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Important Inspiration!

A small corner of my "studio".  Sometimes it takes everything I've got to stay in the zone.  Creativity can come from anywhere so I try to surround myself with things that will send that spark.This is a very tiny corner of my “studio”.    I found the little “Creative Block” by Lou Harry at a discount store and  just the idea that it’s small and sits on my work table creates that spark sometimes needed when I feel I have literally a creative block.  Can you imagine 500 pages crammed in a book only 3 x 3 inches.  That’s creativity in and of itself.


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